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Money Diet Challenge: Top 5 Tips


Money Diet Challenge Tips

And so it Begins

The money diet is starting tomorrow and although it’s been a few years since I’ve gone on a diet, I’m super excited for this challenge. In years gone by, I’ve totally kicked butt at money diet challenges and don’t think I’ve ever lost one. Here are my secrets and even though they’re secrets I’m going to share with you because I want to help my readers be as awesome as they can be:

Money Diet Challenge: Top 5 Tips

1. Eat all the food in your cupboard and freezer This one is huge for me since due to my quite serious obsession with Iherb (who by the way has free international shipping right now), I always have an abundance of dried beans, nuts and seeds lingering in my freezer for who knows how long. Eating up all that stuff and only going grocery shopping for the most minimal of things (greens for my smoothies, onion, garlic and a few veg) saves me a substantial amount of money.

2. ALWAYS eat before you leave your house Here in Korea, big nights out on the town often last till the wee hours of the morning. Since I’m an old lady who doesn’t like expensive taxi rides, I’ll usually head home at a reasonable hour, but the moral of this story is that you should always eat before you leave your house, so you won’t be ravenous and prone to impulse buys of junk food. It always seems like whenever I leave my house, I end up staying out longer than I had planned so it just makes sense to always have a full stomach when I go.

3. The staycation and the freecation Thankfully, there are no big holidays in March which will tempt my willpower, but for the weekends, the mode you have to get into is the staycation and the freecation. The staycation involves staying at your house and perhaps inviting friends over for some dinner. They will probably bring you something like a bottle of wine and it will certainly be cheaper than a big night out. The freecation involves fun things like going to the beach or camping, for free, somewhere on the beach.

4. Tell all your friends about your money-diet challenge There’s less of a chance that they think you’re being totally ridiculous when you say no to something due to the cost.

5. Make your spending public This is the best tip I have for you. Keep track of your daily spending on your Facebook status (keep updating the same post every day so your friends don’t hate you). If you buy some ridiculous thing, everyone will know about it. If you go days in a row with zeroes, people will be really impressed and you’ll feel happy about it.

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