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Money Diet Week 4 Update

In case you missed the previous money diet posts, check out:

Money Diet Week 1 ($117), Week 2 ($76), Week 3 ($163).

Week 4 Money Diet Challenge Update: $141

Groceries: $22
Eating out, coffee, drinking: $14
Transportation (including a tank of gas): $54
Vet bill: $51

Overall, I’m pretty happy with week 4 since I would have been under $100 if I didn’t have to go to the vet. I also could have waited on the gas in the car, but I was going on a little road trip yesterday and wanted to prevent any possibility of being stuck on the road for such a ridiculous reason as not filling up the tank due to a money diet. I did cut down significantly on eating out and drinking and managed to only eat out once during the week, which was much better than I had been doing in previous weeks.

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