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Money Diet Challenge: Week 2 Update

I’m doing a March Money Diet Challenge to kick-start my return to Canada savings. My goal is to spend less than $400 for the month on discretionary things. Week 1 was not fabulous at $117, but week 2 came in at a solid $76 with no unexpected expenses (last week I had a $40 bicycle repair). Here’s the week 2 money diet spending breakdown:

Transportation: $9
Groceries: $4
Entertainment (coffee, eating out, drinking, karaoke): $63

I spent $47 in a single day celebrating St. Patty’s day with my friends, which involved a few adult beverages and 2 restaurant meals. I did well to leave by 11 however, so it was a cheap bus ride home instead of a $20 taxi and I also spent far less on the meals than I could of (vegetarian lunch and then Korean for dinner instead of western). I knew it wasn’t going to be a cheap day so I tried my best to spend almost nothing the other 6 days.

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