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Money Means Choices

money equals choices

Money means choices

Money Diet March has been in full force this past week and I’ve discovered that I am not actually the queen of frugal that I thought I was. Perhaps that ship has sailed and since I’ve paid off all my debt, have a fat stack of cash in various bank accounts around the world and significant investments, I’ve gotten out of the hard-core frugal lifestyle that I lived while I still had student loans. I’m kind of okay with it and a small dose of self-realization is never a bad thing I think.

Today, I wanted to go out for a bike-ride, except that I had a flat tire and didn’t have the tools to fix it. Plus, I’m kind of lazy so it was a walk to the bike-shop to get it fixed. I was expecting a $5 charge, which is what it usually costs in Korea to patch up a flat tire. But, bad news. I had worn the rubber so thin on my tire that I had to replace the actual tire, which ended up costing $40. Now, if I didn’t actually have money in the bank, $35 extra could have been a serious hit for me and I might have actually considered just going without. In my case, I didn’t feel happy about it due to the money diet situation, but I’m actually not so concerned. I love riding my bike, so of course I was going to pay whatever it took to get it up and running again. I would have even paid $100 or more probably without even thinking too much about it.

Having money means choices. Getting something repaired, or going without. Changing jobs, or not being able to. Going back to school or being trapped in a career you hate. Moving from a terrible apartment into a decent one, or staying somewhere you hate. Driving to work instead of commuting on public transit for triple the time.

If you’re in debt, get out as fast as possible. More money means more choices and that is what financial freedom is all about, as opposed to just going for the biggest net worth possible.
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