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Moving from Squidoo—>Hubpages- Backlinks and Niches

Squidoo shut down their doors a couple of months ago and moved all my content over to Hubpages. After some initial annoyance getting all the details sorted out, it’s actually been pretty painless and it provided me the motivation I needed to get my sites updated because Hubpages seems to have stricter content standards than Squidoo (they’re serious about spammy stuff!).

One thing that I didn’t notice until a couple of days ago was the thing on Squidoo that I called the “superlink,” which means that you could feature 1 link to another site and it would really stand-out amongst all the other stuff didn’t transfer over to Hubpages. Which means that all my English teaching and Korea related Hubpages have not been providing me with backlinks to this blog: My Life! Teaching in a Korean University, which has reduced traffic and quite likely Google search rankings as well. My online strategy is to have a bunch of interrelated sites connected by one theme (the niche), but I’ve been missing a key component of this for the past couple months. Argh!

So, my mission these past couple of days has been to get that link back onto my Hubpage sites and also to add this blog to anything related to Dividend Stocks, Investing or Frugal Living. I’d like to get some Passive Income Stream building sites up on Hubpages as well but that’s a task for another day.

Too many things to do and too little time in the day!

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  1. Good Luck, When Squidoo shut down, I came to and started doing my daily writing here, didn’t transfer over to Hubpages. I love the subject of passive income, keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thanks for checking out the blog. I still like the idea of Hubpages, but will definitely be focusing more on my own projects.

      • Your welcome. I really enjoyed writing and making a little cash with Squidoo. So, far here at wordpress, things are starting to pick up and you have more freedom. The only bad thing about Squidoo was spending a lot of time on a lens and then have it shut down. Other than that it was great. Good Luck to you, and keep up the good work 🙂

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