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Moving from Squidoo to Hubpages

A couple of months ago, I got an email from Squidoo saying that they had merged with Hubpages and that Squidoo would be closing down and all the content would be going over to Hubpages. I was initially quite annoyed, but of course that’s the risk when you use a platform that isn’t your own to build websites.

I’ve been so busy at the day-job since that announcement that I didn’t really have much time to actually check out Hubpages and see how my sites look and what kind of editing I needed to do since the move. But, I’ve spent a bit of time perusing Hubpages in the past few days and here are my thoughts:

1. The move from Squidoo—>Hubpages was relatively painless. It mostly happened automatically. Many of my sites have things like broken links, or too many Amazon modules and Hubpages is basically forcing me to edit them, which actually isn’t a bad thing.

2. I now use my own Google Adsense account, instead of getting a share of the Ad-pool, like on Squidoo. This also isn’t a bad thing and I like the idea that it’s possible for all my sites to earn a bit of money, even the low-performing ones, which wasn’t really possible on Squidoo.

3. Navigating around Hubpages is relatively easy and it actually pretty comparable to Squidoo, with only a gentle learning curve.

Overall, it’s a wee bit of annoyance but not actually a big deal. I think the earning potential on Hubpages is definitely there.

Here are a few of my sites you can check out on Hubpages:

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