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Moving and Getting Rid of Stuff: Easier than Expected

Getting rid of stuff makes me happy

Getting rid of stuff: I feel great!

I Love Simplicity–How Did I Accumulate so much Crap?

Over my decade in Korea, I have accumulated as astounding amount of stuff, made all the easier by the fact that I now live in quite a large apartment and despite the fact that I’m actually all about the simplicityand I have this vision of myself as living out of a couple suitcases. It is not the reality that I live in however, and since I’m moving, it is time to get rid of stuff, and lots of it.

Starting Early in Preparation for the Move

The plan that I’ve made for myself is to do it gradually to avoid the paralyzing crush that is last-minute disorganization when moving across the world. This plan involves letting something go each day, perhaps by selling it, recycling it, giving it away or throwing it in the trash (this last option I hope to minimize). I’ve gotten off to a fast start by selling a few kitchen things and home furnishings I was no longer using, as well as recycling some of my old clothes. That’s the easy stuff. I have a feeling in about six or eight months from now, it’s going to be things that I will actually miss. But, that’s part of the process.

1/2 my Stuff is Gone: How do I Feel?

I feel surprisingly good, considering that I’ve given away or thrown out approximately 1/2 of my worldly¬† possessions. My life is just simpler, less complicated and I feel more comfortable hanging out at my house. I also feel genuinely happy that the stuff I sold or gave away is being put to good use by my friends and didn’t end up going to the landfill.

The Canada Plan

Upon my return to the motherland, I plan to embrace a lifestyle of simplicity and I will not be buying lots of things. Instead, I’ll buy a few high quality things that will make me feel happy. For example, I love cooking so plan to buy a high quality knife and cutting board, a nice non-stick pan, a Vitamix for my green smoothies every morning, and a coffee grinder. Beyond that, what kitchen stuff do I really need? Almost nothing!

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