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Mr Money Mustache

I’ve been hearing from more and more of my friends who’ve gotten on the thrifty/saving money/ investing bandwagon about Mr. Money Mustache, or MMM for short, which leads me to believe that he’s one of the most popular bloggers in this genre.

I just spend a significant amount of time perusing his site, and I can definitely understand why. He’s funny, well-informed and well-spoken. Some posts that I particularly appreciated are:

Frugal vs. Cheap. (Please understand me my friends and family!)

Are you Cleaning out your own Wallet? (If dirty is the new clean, then that’s most definitely good news for me!)

A Lifetime of Riches- Is it as Simple as a Few Habits? (I think that is might possibly be…yeah for frugal living!)dd6821fade3d86b90bc411b4d9a8c144_400x400

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