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Responding to Negative Criticism

Just as I was thinking about how haters are gonna hate and how to deal with negative YouTube comments over on my playlist about getting a university job in South Korea and also negative reviews on Amazon, I heard this most helpful episode on Ask Pat (episode 325: Should I Respond to Negative Comments?). You really need to just listen to it yourself because Pat Flynn is pretty much the man, but my takeaway was this:

If you don’t have any haters and you don’t have any negative criticism, you’re not doing it right. If we really want to help and influence people, our message needs to be bold, and different and in doing this, there will always be some people who don’t like, or appreciate us. And that’s really okay.

If we’re saying nothing of substance, then we’ll just be ignored, which is actually a lot worse than being hated on. So so true and I’m trying to change my mindset and feel happy that I have haters. It’s kind of going okay actually.

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