New Online Venture: Home Cooking in Korea

One of my favorite hobbies is cooking. I’ve talked about it before on this blog how cooking is an essential part of living a frugal lifestyle so this new blog I’ve started goes along with the frugal living theme quite well. Basically, I take pictures of what I cook at home, give a basic introduction of the dish, where I got all the ingredients and then a basic description of how to cook it, along with any relevant links of recipes that I loosely followed. It assumes a basic level of cooking ability and so doesn’t list amounts, etc. I quite rarely (never?) actually follow a recipe teaspoon for teaspoon as I cook, so this would be almost impossible for me to do. And of course, here’s the blog: Home Cooking in Korea.

How does this further my passive income goals? It’s an excellent opportunity to promote one of my affiliates, Iherb, which I’ve talked about before (Affiliate Feature: Iherb). It’s a niche which doesn’t seem to have a lot of competition as most of the cooking blogs in Korea are focused on cooking Korean food, where I talk about all kinds of food. I love Iherb and for expats in Korea who like to cook, or are vegetarians, it’s a life-saver, so my hope is that I can get lots of referrals from it. Iherb is kind of genius because you get income from the first order, but also all the subsequent ones from that person. And if they refer people, you get a cut of that as well.

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