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October 2015 Passive Income Report: Holding Steady

Passive Income Reports

Passive income for 2015 could best be characterized as “holding steady.” I earned $1713, a little bit less than the month before of $1752. It’s mostly because September is traditionally a much better month than October for dividends as it’s the end of the quarter.

For the second month in a row, I earned more than $400 on my ebooks on Amazon, and I also saw some early sales from a few new affiliates that I added: Profs Abroad, International TESOL and TEFL training, and Bluehost. As far as old income streams, HubPages was big for me as I sold one big-ticket item that made me more than $100, as well as selling a large number of total items on Amazon.

The things that I’m most encouraged by this month are:

Diversification: Making money from one single source is a bit frightening to me so I’m happy to venture out a bit further into the wide world of affiliates to reduce my dependence on Amazon.

$1000: Discounting rental income and my online freelance work, I still made around $1000. Combined with my free accommodation in exchange for farm-work in Canada, I think I can avoid using any of my savings apart from things like buying a car, some new clothes, that sweet, sweet new Vitamix that I’ve had my eyes on for years, and some sports gear. $1000 should be enough for my daily living.

A Viral Post: I wrote this post over on one of my blogs, “Why Korea isn’t the Place for Serious English Teachers.” As I was writing it, I knew is was going to be huge, and I ended up getting around 9000 hits in a single day. It was kind of the post that everyone loved to hate and I don’t necessarily like being in the spotlight like that, but I do feel encouraged that I can write these kind of controversial posts that get talked about and shared.

Sales on my Niche Site: I made a few sales this month of menstrual cups over on Menstrual Cups: Reviews, Comparisons, and Where to Buy. I’d eventually like to move away from the English teachers abroad niche into a few other ones and this site is a good start. I think I’ve learned a lot about what to do and what not to do and I view it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things with affiliate marketing niche sites.

A Co-Writing System: I’ve been writing a few activity books with a friend of mine and we kind of have it down to a science at this point. There’s a lot of potential for us to work together in the future on more projects and she’s an expert at something I’m really not: teaching kids.

Plans for November

It’s crunch time at the day job, as I’m now doing 8 hours of OT teaching each week. It’s not really what I want to be focusing on, but the price is right and I’m thankful to have a bit of extra cash in my pocket before the very expensive move to Canada.

I do however want to get a few things done despite the day-job busy!

Publish 2 more books on Amazon: There are two of them that are  in the final writing/editing stages and so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to get them done.

Content, Content, Content: I did a whole bunch of keyword research using Long Tail Pro, made all these spreadsheets in Google Docs and now just have to write the content. I’ve been making steady progress over the last few months, but I want to clear everything off the sheets. It actually won’t take me that long since most of them are more “Top 5” kind of posts where I link to other content I already have.

Blog Commenting: I’ve been doing blog commenting for SEO purposes, but it’s so tedious. I however want to power on with it and do a little bit consistently every day.

Make a Master Plan: I plan on going full-time with my online business stuff when I move back to Canada. These days, I take a lot of action, but it’s mostly random whatever I feel like doing kind of stuff. I want to develop a plan before I move so I’m able to focus on what’s most important. Step #1 is making a list of around 20 things I need to be doing on a monthly basis and then prioritizing them.

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  1. Great resource! thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting. Just a question – how legitimate are any of these income streams to people who are on E visas in Korea? According to some recent activity and information from immigration services, it seems that it’s not just teaching when you haven’t added a second or third job to your place of employment, but any of these income generating activities that can be considered you violating your visa status and thus open to deportation.

    • I hear what you’re saying about the legalities of it. But, I’ve personally never heard of any busts for anything apart from doing private teaching and one group who was charging for a play or something like that. I guess it’s something I’m willing to hold in balance. There’s a huge chance doing this stuff will significantly improve my life and lead to something I can do as a career down the road. On the other hand, there’s a tiny chance I might get deported. I’ll take that risk any day.

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