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The Perfect Blog Post

The Win-Win-Win Cycle of Awesome I’ve become a little bit obsessed lately with content marketing. It’s kind of a win-win-win cycle of awesome for everybody. People search for something, they find your site and get the answer they’re looking for, Google send more traffic your way, you give people more useful information and so it continues. Long Tail Keywords: The New Plan I’ve gotten deep into the world of using keyword research tools and then…

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My Financial 20s

I got a question from one of my readers about how young people can take control of their money and their lives and she wondered about what I did successfully and what I would have changed about my twenties. It’s an excellent question! My Financial 20s: What I did right Paying off Student Loans I did quite well in my 20s financially speaking because I paid off my student loan debt as quickly as possible…

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Marketing Strategies—>Expanding Empire


Thanks for the Advice Pat Flynn Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income answered my question on his podcast, Ask Pat episode #324 about whether or not I should change niches since the one I’m in is so small with regards to my ebook about getting a university job in South Korea. However, on the plus side, there isn’t much competition so that’s a huge bonus. He was positive on the fact that I had…

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Setting up an Email List with MailChimp

mail chimp

What Was I thinking? All the gurus out there in the Internet marketing world such as Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income talk endlessly about email lists and how, even though email is kind of going out of style in favor of other forms of social media, it’s still huge. I think it’s maybe because it’s something that gets delivered directly to your audience instead of them going out to find the content and…

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Why doesn’t Andrew Hallam like Dividend Paying Stocks?

andrew hallam

A reader question: “After reading your book (The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future) and being on the Dividend Monk’s site I was excited to see what Hallam would say about quality dividend stocks (strong fundamentals, history of increasing dividends, etc) in The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing: From Millionaire Teacher to Millionaire Expat. However it seems like Hallam dismissed them quite quickly, saying that they didn’t earn as well as…

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How to Buy Stocks: A Simple Explanation


How to Buy Stocks: Explained Simply  I get a lot of questions from my friends and readers of this blog who are new to the investing world about how to buy stocks. There are a few options for buying stocks, but the one I like the best (by far) is using an online discount brokerage. You can go with a full-service brokerage, but they are far more expensive and also quite unnecessary. Full-service brokers help…

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The Emergency Fund

Dave Ramsey is all about the emergency fund and I would most definitely agree with him. He advocates having $1000 in the bank until you pay off all your debts, excluding the mortgage. And then once that is done, build it up to 3-6 months of living expenses. These past few years, I’ve been really focused on making and saving my income from the day-job to invest in Dividend Paying Stocks and must admit to…

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What’s in my portfolio: Tech

I’ve talked previously about my pharmaceutical holdings as well as the oil & gas companies that I hold.  You can also check out my complete portfolio, but today I’m going to talk tech. AAPL (Apple): 5% of my portfolio.  Check out the Dividend Monk’s AAPL report. INTC (Intel): 2.5% of my portfolio.  Check out the Dividend Monk’s INTC report. Tech companies are generally thought to be the high-flyers, which means that they often warrant a…

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Investing in Pharmaceuticals: What’s in My Portfolio

Pharmaceutical Stocks: I Love You! I love investing in pharmaceuticals for various reasons, but essentially in the research I’ve done, it almost seems like a can’t lose thing. The US government basically props us these industries and does a lot of their research for them (or at least funds it) and then allows the company to patent the final product, charge ridiculous amounts of money for it and then guarantees that no other company can…

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Investing in Oil and Gas Stocks

Why I Love Investing in Oil and Gas Stocks A significant portion (~20%) of my portfolio can be found within this category.  While it is a big portion to have invested in one industry, I’ve done it for the following reasons: 1. Oil/Gas companies have a proven history of paying increasing dividends 2. They are some of the biggest/most profitable companies in the world 3. They are not going out of business in my lifetime…

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