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Passive Income Report: March 2014

For my February report, please see this post.

But, onwards to March.  You can see all the details here, but the total minus interest paid to my broker was $466.44 US.  The large majority of it was in Dividends, and a big portion of that was NPK (National Presto Industries), which paid a special dividend of over $100.

Compared to previous years:

March 2013: 251.97

March 2012: 455.72

March 2011: 156.86

March 2010: 7.02

Similar to last month, the Squidoo payment was somewhat disappointing, but a large part of that was my lack of effort to maintain my lenses/add news ones.  However, I’m hopeful that my Amazon numbers will pick up in the coming months since I went back onto the most popular posts via search on my blog (My Life: Teaching in a Korean University) and added relevant Amazon products.

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