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Plan Your Day


The Day’s Schedule

My Sweet University Job in Korea

I’m pretty fortunate working at a university in South Korea in that I get quite literally months of vacation. And even during the semester, I quite rarely work 5 days/week, so that leaves me with a lot of days in the year where there is nothing that I have to do. I just did a quick calculation and in any given year, I have about 240 days that are my own.

A Confession

I’m going to have to make a confession to you, my readers. I’ve been doing this job for about 8 years and I wasted almost all of days in the first few years on dubious things that include binge-watching TV shows, reading trashy books, and hanging out eating junk food and drinking beer.

Thankfully, I have pulled myself together in the last few years though and now spend my time much more usefully, by improving my career prospects and working on getting my passive income streams up and running (including this website!).

Here’s How I Plan My Day

First, a couple general thoughts. Everyone’s schedule will look different, obviously. Some people are night owls, while others are morning people. Find whatever works for you.

Secondly, planning down to the hour seems counter-productive to me. I like to think of the day in “chunks” because I hate to be a slave to the clock and if I’m grooving on something, I like to just keep going on it and not stop in the middle. Anyway, here’s how I use my chunks of time:

Early morning (~7-10): eat breakfast, drink some coffee, cuddle with the cats and do a couple hours of work on passive income stuff.

Late morning (~10-12): exercise. This usually involves a bike, hike or run or if the weather is bad, I’ll probably do some yoga or life weights inside.

Lunch (~12-1): I will usually cook up some delicious and healthy vegan food.

Afternoon (~1-5): I will sometimes run errands like going grocery shopping, or going to the bank. If I don’t have either of these things going on, I’ll usually go to my office (a 5 minute drive, or 20 minute walk from my house) for a change of pace. I’ll then spend time working on day-job stuff (grading/lesson plans, etc) if necessary, or if not, I’ll do some more work on my passive income stuff.

Dinner/Evening (~5-11): I eat dinner at home maybe 4-5 nights/week and will go out with friends the other nights. I will rarely do work during the evening, and if I’m not going out, I’ll cook an elaborate meal, watch a bit of TV, clean my house and listen to podcasts, or read a book. Cat cuddles are of course involved as well.

Readers: how do you plan your day when you have nothing you have to do? Leave me a comment.
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