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Hubpages Marketing through Pinterest

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Driving Traffic to my Websites

In my effort to focus more on quality over quantity, I’ve decided to focus on getting more traffic to the sites that I already have, such as this one, my new one (Jackie Bolen), My Life! Teaching in a Korean University and my various HubPages instead of building new sites. I think these sites have some quality content on them, but just don’t have enough traffic for me to make as much money as I want from them.

HubPages Marketing with Pinterest

I’ve done a bit of research into how to do this, and there are a million and one suggestions from the Netizens around the web, but I decided to focus on social media, at least for now. One of the news ones that I decided to try out was Pinterest. The basic way that it works is that you have various boards about different topics like Dividend Stock Investing or Building Passive Income Streams and then you “pin” pictures to the board, which can have a link to a site attached to it. Like other social media networks, you can like or share or follow and all that good stuff.

Results from connecting HubPages and Pinterest

I went into my HubPages account and checked out my traffic sources for the past week. Google was #1, as expected but then slipping into #2 was Pinterest, with a not insignificant amount of traffic. My daily HubPages earnings from traffic have been going up in the past week which I attribute to Pinterest So far, results seem quite promising and there seems to be a lot of potential there. I hope to do a bit more research to find out what are some recommended strategies for promotion on Pinterest.

Any tips from my readers? Resources you could point me to?

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