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Resources for Internet Business

Jackie Bolen

My favorite resources for Internet business include the following.


Hosting your own website is easier than ever with the most reliable Bluehost. I got my start with Godaddy but it seemed like my websites were always crashing but since I switched to Bluehost, I haven’t had a single problem. I don’t know what kind of magic they have going on that Godaddy doesn’t, but I’ve been extremely happy with them and would recommend them to everybody.


LongTail Pro

LongTail Pro SEO




If you want to kick your content marketing and SEO into high gear, you’ll need LongTail Pro. It basically takes the results from Google Adwords and puts them into a format that is way, way easier to navigate. It’s perfect for vetting a niche website idea you have by seeing what your competition looks like for certain keywords and how easy it will be to get up on the first page of Google. You can also use it for an existing website to find ideas for article to write. Get LongTail Pro Now-level up your content marketing game!


The Hoth: SEO

Affordable and Reputable SEO: The HOTH

If you’re looking for some help with SEO and want to do it the non-sketchy way at an affordable price, then you’ll need to use The Hoth. They’re totally legit and also totally affordable with packages starting at $60.



Mail Chimp Email Marketing




Don’t make the same mistake I did and fail to collect emails from the start. Mailchimp is free at the beginning until you get a certain number of subscribers and then reasonably priced later on. It’s also really simple to use and the one time I had a problem, it was solved, by a real person within a couple of hours.


99 Designs

99 Designs




If you want a new logo for your business, try out 99 Designs. Designers compete, you choose the one you like and if you don’t like any, you don’t pay.  Click the link below for a free $99 power-pack upgrade.

99 Designs Logo Contest



I use Fiverr for lots of stuff including book cover design and quick fixes on WordPress sites. The sky is truly the limit and you’ll find just about anything you need for Internet business on this site. Click the link below to get a free gig.

Free gig on Fiverr



I’ve used Elance for lots of stuff including design this menstrual cup chart, SEO for ESL Speaking, and website header design. Click the link below to get 10 free connects.

Elance-Hire a freelancer for just about anything



If you’re looking to get into the Internet marketing world, but have no idea getting a domain name or a hosting plan, try out HubPages. It’s how I got my start and it’s really easy to write about anything you want. You get money for selling stuff on Amazon as well as based on the amount of traffic you get.

It’s also a decent way to drive traffic to your other self-hosted websites, or to promote your books.

Sign-Up for HubPages now





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