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Self Publishing Answers Podcast- I’m on it!


The Self Publishing Answers Podcast

Thanks to the Self Publishing Answers podcast (episode #34) for answering my question so helpfully. It was basically about whether or not I should focus on a bigger niche or continue with the one that I’m currently in (ESL teachers).

They had a ton of ideas for me but the biggest takeaway was that my major problem is that I only have 2 things to sell (The Wealthy English Teacher and How to Get a University Job in South Korea) and not the small niche that I’m in. Good news related to that is that I’ll have 3 more books coming out in the next few months and plenty more ideas I just need to get down on paper.

Another idea they had was in doing a course of some kind and charging a lot for it, but offering a money-back guarantee if people didn’t get the job that they want. It’s an interesting idea and something to think more about. It’d be so much work, but could potentially be worth it.

Anyway, check out their podcast if you’re looking to get into the self-publishing world. It has lots of great advice.


  1. Kathleen Kelley

    You could totally charge people to review their resumes and cover letters. Although that could be grueling work for you.

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