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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

I was just listening to the Empire Flippers Podcast, episode #87 where they are talking with Dave Hermansen about building Niche Websites and the importance of understanding SEO. This is a topic that I truly know very little about, but which I know is of extreme importance if I want to eventually make my living online. Along with becoming proficient at WordPress and learning a programming language or two, this is my big goal for the next year or two. But, the extreme basics. Get yourself an account at Google Adwords and then use the keyword planner. You have two choices:

1. Find a niche with high searches but low competition and then build a website or two or more based around that, selling that product or giving that information that people are searching for but having trouble finding.

2. Use your existing website or idea and then optimize it for the keywords that people are searching for, to make it easier to find and get more traffic. But, be careful not to overdo it because Google (and Squidoo also) seem to filter sites with too many of these keywords as spam.

More research required obviously! I’m planning to check out this book: SEO Made Simple. I’ll let you guys know what I think.


  1. How recent is that book Jackie? Google messed up a lot of SEO tactics after its panda and then penguin updates mid last year. Glad to see you took my advice about empire flippers

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