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All the Good Stuff Comes from Leaping- Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a big guy in the Internet world and someone that I totally respect. He shares his wisdom in short snippets over on his blog and one that I read the other day was “But How Can You be Sure?

The quote I liked best was at the end, “All the good stuff comes from leaping. From doing the things that might now work.”

That made me think about my life and how I haven’t made a leap in a long time, ever since I moved to Busan from Cheonan (South Korea), but even that wasn’t such a big stretch and I knew that I could make it work and real failure wasn’t really an option.

Making a living online when I move to Canada is a leap and it might not work. But, it could potentially be the best choice I’ve ever made. Time will tell and I’m ready for something where failure is a possibility–a little jolt out of comfort and easy-living that is teaching English in a South Korean university.

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