Squidoo: a General Overview

One of my readers left me a comment asking about making money on Squidoo, so I’ll do a few posts about it.  This one will be the general overview, and in the next few weeks I’ll do posts on: the pro/cons, and how to make money.

Squidoo is basically a site that enables you to build your own webpages really easily through their drag and drop platform.  You can build a site in 15 minutes or so, but of course the sky is the limit.  You make money in 2 different ways:

1. Ad-pool.  Squidoo collects and pools the money they get from Google adsense, takes a cut and then distributes it to their lensmasters (each website=lens) based on a ranking system (more details on a further post).

2. Amazon/Ebay, etc.  You can post links to these third party sites, and if you someone clicks on them, you get a commission on the sale.

Why would someone use this instead of just making their own websites?  Because it’s easy.  Like ridiculously so, although in the past few years, Squidoo has gotten more serious about “quality” content so now you actually need to have a fair bit of content or you won’t be able to publish your lens.  You don’t need to pay to host the site, or even have your own Amazon Associates account or Google Adsense.  Also, Squidoo does a fair job of publicizing their site and could potentially push a fair amount of traffic your way (especially if you make it to the first page).  It’s not ideal however, because they’re taking a cut of #1/2 above so once you get a bit of experience with building webpages, it might be better to strike out on your own!

More details about Squidoo in further posts, but in the meantime, here are a few of my most successful lenses:

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