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Stagnation, and the Day-Job

For my day-job, I work at a university in South Korea, teaching anything under the general umbrella of “English.” I’ve been doing it for the past 7 years and can honestly say that there’s really no class that I haven’t or couldn’t teach. I’ve moved onwards and upwards in this small world so that now, I’m at the top in terms of the classes I teach, the salary I make and the total freedom I have to do almost anything I want in my courses. Even I switched to another position at another university in another city, it would be a sideways move and not an upwards one.

Which makes me feel bored. And like I’m stagnating, not really developing my skills or talents or really trying to get better at what I do. I think I’m one of those people who likes to aspire to something more: more money or a promotion but there just isn’t those things anymore in South Korea for me.

So the question is this: do I stay and enjoy this life that I have? It’s really quite comfortable and I make a ridiculous amount of money/ hour worked (I estimate it to be about $125/hour). Or, do I move on to something new, but not necessarily bigger and better in another country?

What do you my readers think?


  1. stay bored at your day job and write more : ) seriously, I enjoy your financial ideas as well as the expat angle on teaching. you have a unique voice.

  2. Yeah, I would concur, if the day job is fairly cushy then keep it going but use your out of work time to develop/progress. Where else would you consider moving to?

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