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How to thrive in South Korea- The Empire Grows

It’s all Coming Together! Another book is up on Amazon, bringing the total to 4. One more is in the editing stages and I have lots of ideas, but this summer is going to be all about getting my websites up to speed and focusing on promoting the content that I already have, instead of creating more stuff. The empire is building, not so slowly at this point and I kind of feel like everything…

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Bad into Good- A Story from Work

Turning Bad into Good-Work Style What Happened I’ve been working at South Korean universities for the past decade or so and during that time, I’ve always taught extra classes for more money. My contract currently is only for 9 teaching hours/week, so I’ve usually added on another 10-15 to substantially raise my pay. However, this past semester all the extra work seemed to dry up and I was left with almost nothing in terms of…

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3 Key Things to Know about Ebook Marketing

book marketing

I’ve been listening to lots of self-publishing podcasts lately including Self Publishing Questions, Self Publishing Answers and the Self Publishing Round table. I’ve been particularly focusing on marketing, after getting some advice from Pat Flynn on the Ask Pat Podcast where he answered my question about staying in the small niche I’m in or going bigger. His advice was to hit the marketing hard, since my concept is already proved with the 1 or 2…

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Marketing Strategies—>Expanding Empire


Thanks for the Advice Pat Flynn Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income answered my question on his podcast, Ask Pat episode #324 about whether or not I should change niches since the one I’m in is so small with regards to my ebook about getting a university job in South Korea. However, on the plus side, there isn’t much competition so that’s a huge bonus. He was positive on the fact that I had…

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Ask Pat Podcast: I’m on it!


I’m Really Into Pat Flynn So, I’m just going to nerd out for a quick minute here and I hope you don’t mind. I’m really into Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income and that’s probably kind of an understatement. I think he’s a genius in the Internet marketing world and also just an all-around nice guy who really wants to help people. I’m on Ask Pat! He started up this new podcast called Ask…

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All-In Digital Entrepreneur when I Go Back to Canada: Crazy?


Canada: What to Do I’ve talked about moving to Canada in previous blog posts, and it’s now less than a year away (March 2016). I’ve started preparing in numerous ways such as gathering information about how to get the cats and my stuff back to Canada and also giving away/selling lots of my stuff that I wasn’t really using that much. How Can I Make Money in the Great White North? But, the really big…

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The Wealthy English Teacher- Available on Amazon

 The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure your Financial Future is now available on Amazon. It has a much bigger potential audience than my most nichiest of niche first book about how to get a university job in South Korea. I’m hoping that it’s the type of book that people really like, and tell their friends about, who in turn tell a few other people. So far, I’ve sold a decent amount of copies in…

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Top 5 Tips for Writing an Ebook

writing an ebook

I talked extensively about the process I went through when writing my first Ebook, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams; check out all those posts here if you’re interested: How to Write an Ebook. Even though my second book is almost finished editing and should be up on Amazon within a few days, I haven’t talked that much about it here. The reason is that…

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Do it Now! Update Your Public Profiles

I Was Shocked to Discover…Outdated Public Profiles! In my recent effort to focus more on quality over quantity in my Internet ventures, one of the things I did was to spend a few hours and update all my public profiles to have some sort of cohesive message. In some cases, like on Blogger and HubPages, I had stuff from years ago that didn’t really make sense anymore. Even more disturbing was the fact that both…

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Ebook Marketing: Guest Posts on other sites


Sales of my new Ebook, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams are maintaining steady at about 1/day since the initial rush in the first couple days, which I’m pretty happy about. My marketing strategy thus far has consisted of the following things: 1. Using my Amazon Associates account to promote the book on my existing blog, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University, both on…

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Where my Traffic Comes From

I’m totally convinced that the way to make money online and drive traffic to your sites is by having an empire of sorts. Like I mentioned a few days ago, simply having a single Ebook on Amazon but without any social media or blog following of any kind will make it pretty hard to be successful and make a lot of sales. I was just recently looking at the referral stats for this blog and…

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Ebook Marketing…the importance of having a following/reputation

Something that I’ve seen as I’ve ventured into the world of self publishing is the need to already have a positive reputation and a following of people in whatever community you can find your target audience in. While I’m sure it is possible to self-publish a book that is a one-hit wonder, I don’t think it would be that easy unless it somehow went viral. I think followers of my blog (My Life! Teaching in…

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Ebook into Physical Book: easier than you might think

I originally had the idea to make exclusively an Ebook(How to Get a University Job in South Korea), but that was before I realized how easy it is on Amazon to make your Ebook into a physical book. It takes a couple hours, at most to get everything set up and the price I will earn on commission is about the same as the Ebook, so it seemed like there was really nothing to lose.…

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Ebook Marketing

Marketing for my recent publication, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams is now mostly complete and I’ve focused on three things: 1. My existing Facebook networks, focusing mostly on groups where people who are looking for university jobs in Korea frequent. 2. My Hubpages that are related to Teaching English and/or South Korea. I added an Amazon module to each of these pages (about 40…

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How to Write an Ebook: Facebook Advertising

Ebook Facebook Advertising

These past few days, I’ve been talking about how to write an Ebook as I go through the process myself. My first book should be up on Amazon in a week or two. I’m definitely a beginner in this world of “Ebook” but my hope is that my readers can learn along with me. I’ve already discussed: How to Choose a Topic Editing Formatting Cover Design Marketing via the Email List Today, let’s talk about…

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How to Write an Ebook: Marketing via the “email” list

When I listen to Podcasts related to anything Passive Income and marketing, it’s all about the email list. People use this list to promote new products that they’re selling and to stay in touch with their customers. One of my deep, deep regrets is not keeping track of all the emails I received through my blog: My Life! Teaching in a Korean University. I’ve had that blog for about 7 years and it’s no exaggeration…

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