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2015 Passive Income Year in Review


2015 Passive Income: Let’s Talk Money Establishing passive income streams has been kind of an obsession of mine for these past couple of years and I’ve been working really hard to diversify away from dividend paying stocks into more active, online business kind of stuff. I still love dividends, but I wanted to have passive income coming in from a variety of sources instead of a single one. My two main focuses have been affiliate…

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What is Passive Income?

An Overview: What is Passive Income? Passive income is earnings received on a consistent basis without investing effort for each and every dollar earned. Most people think that passive income is ‘easy money’ but this isn’t really the case. In reality, it demands a lot of hard work. Things in life don’t happen magically overnight and passive income is not an exception to this. Once you understand the fundamentals of generating passive income, you can be on track…

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How to Grow Your Email List-Top 3 Tips

It’s All About the Email List If you listen to any of the Internet marketing podcasts like Smart Passive Income, or read any of the stuff from people like Tim Ferris at the 4-Hour Workweek, you’ll know it’s all about the email list. Social media is great at maintaining contact and connecting with your audience but like Pat Flynn says, “Selling to people through social media is like going to a party, meeting somebody for…

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Going Home After Teaching Abroad, My Plan-Updated

Korea: I’m Kinda Over You These days, I am totally and completely burnt out on the teaching in Korean universities, as perhaps demonstrated by some recent posts over on my other blog, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University: Korean University Jobs: The Golden Handcuffs Some Less than Exciting Work Options Anyway, not to worry since it is my last semester and I’ll be leaving the land of the kimchi in February or March of…

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The English Teaching Empire Grows: A New Book is Out

  Maybe I’ll Live in a Station-Wagon? Maybe you’ve seen some of my posts from a while back about how I’m moving to Canada, after living for 10 years in Korea, in a few months from now (March 2016)? The plan for how I’m going to avoid living out of the back of a station-wagon and going surfing in Tofino every day is kind of up in the air for now. Wait, that plans doesn’t…

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How to Write an Ebook: Marketing via the “email” list

When I listen to Podcasts related to anything Passive Income and marketing, it’s all about the email list. People use this list to promote new products that they’re selling and to stay in touch with their customers. One of my deep, deep regrets is not keeping track of all the emails I received through my blog: My Life! Teaching in a Korean University. I’ve had that blog for about 7 years and it’s no exaggeration…

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