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How Working Abroad in a Korean University Set Me Up for Financial Awesome

How Working in Korea for 10 years Set Me Up For Life I think working abroad is great as I talk about over on my other site about teaching in a Korean university: Top 5 Reasons Working Abroad is Awesome. In that post, I didn’t talk about the money, but working in a Korean university has given me a solid, solid foundation for my financial future. Part of it was luck in that I happened to…

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Depending on the Government in Retirement: a Good Option?

Depending on the government in retirement might not seem like a terrible plan because you can just work, enjoy your life, spend your money freely and then get your retirement taken care of. No sacrifice, or giving up any fun required! English Teacher’s Precarious Situation I’ve been thinking about the question of when is too late to start saving for retirement as I’ve been writing my book about personal finance for English teachers. I think…

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