Internet Based Business- Taking it to the Next Level

Leveling up my Internet Operations: Inspiration Lately I’ve been leveling up my Internet based businesses, with inspiration coming from 2 places: 1. Moving to Canada in March 2016 and trying to make a living off of writing books and building websites. 2. A mastermind group with a couple of expat Internet gurus here in Korea. Accountability and feedback is really helpful. Pat Flynn is all about the mastermind groups, so I’ve been wanting to be…

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The Empire Grows…a New ESL Speaking Book

In less than a year, I plan to return to Canada and try to make a living off of my online ventures. With that in mind, I’ve stopped wasting my time with less than useful things and have become really focused on expanding my Internet empire so that it won’t be such a big leap to start doing it full-time. A small, but growing way that I’m making money online is through self-published books. I…

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Drinking Less- Building My Empire More

drinking alcohol

Disturbing Happenings in My Life Money Diet March opened up my eyes to just how much money I spend on drinking and eating out. It was kind of staggering, and drinking and hanging out in expat bars a lot is really not how I want to live my life. Sure, it’s fun to see all your friends and talk and get loud and happy, but waking up the next morning with a hangover, $50 lighter…

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Setting up an Email List with MailChimp

mail chimp

What Was I thinking? All the gurus out there in the Internet marketing world such as Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income talk endlessly about email lists and how, even though email is kind of going out of style in favor of other forms of social media, it’s still huge. I think it’s maybe because it’s something that gets delivered directly to your audience instead of them going out to find the content and…

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Writing an Ebook, #3!

Amazon Affiliate One way that I make passive income is through the Amazon affiliate program, where I link to products that I think my readers might like and if they buy something after clicking that link, I get a commission of around 5-8%. It’s a pretty simple thing to do and I earn $10-30/month on this for essentially very little work. Speaking Activities that Don’t Suck The one single product that I sell the most…

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