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On Being a Writer, a Few Thoughts


A Few Thoughts on Being a Writer For a lot of people, it seems like their identities are wrapped up in their jobs. When you meet someone for the first time, one of the first questions that gets asked is, “What do you do?” Or, if someone asks you what you’re all about, your answer will often be related to what do you for a living. In 2 Days, I’m a “Teacher” No More In…

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Teaching ESL as a Career

When I peruse the personal finance, early retirement and digital nomad blogs around the Blogosphere, it seems like a lot of people were working at “serious” jobs making “serious” money by being a lawyer, working their way up the corporate ladder in some other field or selling things and making lots of money doing it successfully. Then, they left these jobs after hating the 9-5 or more often, the 9-9 kind of life they were…

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Passive Income and ESL Teaching

If you want to be a digital nomad and build up passive income streams, ESL Teaching might seem kind of like an attractive gig to get into. You get paid to live overseas. And you often get a free plane ticket (Middle East /Korea) as well as paid for, or subsidized housing. And you’ll have so much time to get your online ventures up and running. Sounds fabulous! Except the thing that many people forget…

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