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Facebook = Fickle, New Plan = Longtail Keywords

Internet Marketing: A Vision! The other day, I had a vision of sorts. I was out on a bike ride, contemplating my Internet empire and trying to figure out what the pest plan for me is in these next few months before I return to Canada and go all-in on the digital entrepreneur. And it hit me. Facebook = Fickle. SEO focused on longtail keywords = Here for the long-term. Traffic from Facebook I get…

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Ebook Marketing: Guest Posts on other sites


Sales of my new Ebook, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams are maintaining steady at about 1/day since the initial rush in the first couple days, which I’m pretty happy about. My marketing strategy thus far has consisted of the following things: 1. Using my Amazon Associates account to promote the book on my existing blog, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University, both on…

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Ebook Marketing…the importance of having a following/reputation

Something that I’ve seen as I’ve ventured into the world of self publishing is the need to already have a positive reputation and a following of people in whatever community you can find your target audience in. While I’m sure it is possible to self-publish a book that is a one-hit wonder, I don’t think it would be that easy unless it somehow went viral. I think followers of my blog (My Life! Teaching in…

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Ebook into Physical Book: easier than you might think

I originally had the idea to make exclusively an Ebook(How to Get a University Job in South Korea), but that was before I realized how easy it is on Amazon to make your Ebook into a physical book. It takes a couple hours, at most to get everything set up and the price I will earn on commission is about the same as the Ebook, so it seemed like there was really nothing to lose.…

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Ebook Marketing

Marketing for my recent publication, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams is now mostly complete and I’ve focused on three things: 1. My existing Facebook networks, focusing mostly on groups where people who are looking for university jobs in Korea frequent. 2. My Hubpages that are related to Teaching English and/or South Korea. I added an Amazon module to each of these pages (about 40…

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How to Write an Ebook: Facebook Advertising

Ebook Facebook Advertising

These past few days, I’ve been talking about how to write an Ebook as I go through the process myself. My first book should be up on Amazon in a week or two. I’m definitely a beginner in this world of “Ebook” but my hope is that my readers can learn along with me. I’ve already discussed: How to Choose a Topic Editing Formatting Cover Design Marketing via the Email List Today, let’s talk about…

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