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The Perfect Blog Post

The Win-Win-Win Cycle of Awesome I’ve become a little bit obsessed lately with content marketing. It’s kind of a win-win-win cycle of awesome for everybody. People search for something, they find your site and get the answer they’re looking for, Google send more traffic your way, you give people more useful information and so it continues. Long Tail Keywords: The New Plan I’ve gotten deep into the world of using keyword research tools and then…

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Where my Traffic Comes From

I’m totally convinced that the way to make money online and drive traffic to your sites is by having an empire of sorts. Like I mentioned a few days ago, simply having a single Ebook on Amazon but without any social media or blog following of any kind will make it pretty hard to be successful and make a lot of sales. I was just recently looking at the referral stats for this blog and…

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Travel Tips: the Useful stuff

You may have noticed a sad lack of updates these past 2 weeks-it’s because I was traveling around Malaysia. Overall, it was pretty good but I wouldn’t recommend going there during Ramadan. Lots of places will be closed during the day and people are perhaps a wee bit less friendly than they’d otherwise be due to fasting (from all food and liquids) from sun-up to sun-down. Anyway, the friend that I was visiting and I…

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