Hobbies: Do you need to go all-in?

touring bicycle

My Wise Friend The other day I was talking to a friend of mine whose husband wanted to learn to play the guitar. Wisely, instead of just buying him the guitar, she instead got him a rental one and some lessons so he could decide if he actually liked it. He did and then he bought his own. My Unwise Friend Or, I had a friend a few years ago who was buying a bike.…

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Friends on a Budget: is it Possible?

Building Passive Income: 2 Main Factors 1. Living frugally so that you have more money to invest in things like dividend paying stocks. 2. Putting the time in to develop the passive income streams through building websites, books, Iherb, Amazon, etc. Going Out in South Korea Usually Involves Drinking Living in South Korea as an expat (I’m originally from Canada), one of the things that frustrates me is that “going out” usually involves hitting up…

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Frugal Hobbies: My Favorites

  Frugal Hobbies: Freedom Through Passive Income Style I talked on a previous post about how frugal living and building passive income streams are closely related to each other.  While there are plenty of ways to live frugally, especially with regard to transportation, housing and food (which I will talk about on later posts), hobbies are one of those things that you can either spend almost nothing or an enormous amount.  While I understand the…

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