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Offshore Brokerage Accounts: Sketchy?

offshore investing

Are Offshore Brokerage Accounts Really Sketchy? A reader question: My friends wonder if I’m doing something really sketchy when I mention that I’m opening an offshore brokerage account. Is this stigma justified? Is it perpetuated by Tax Authorities to discourage people from opening them? My main two questions that I need answered are: am I doing anything illegal (if the $ is from a legal source)? If it’s such a good idea, why doesn’t everyone…

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Expat Brokerage Options

A common question that I get from my friends who are teaching English abroad is what brokerage I use to invest in the stock market. It can be quite complicated and a brokerage in your home country might not necessarily be the best choice for tax-related reasons. Andrew Hallam and Expat Brokerage Options The best information out there on this topic is from Andrew Hallam, in The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing: From Millionaire Teacher…

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The Wealthy English Teacher: Samples from the Book

My second book, The Wealthy English Teacher is hot off the press and now available on Amazon in both digital and print formats. Initial sales have been promising with more than 20 copies sold in just a couple of days with no paid advertising. I’m hoping that people will really like it and tell their friends-there really is no other financial book (or even resource on the Internet) that is specifically for ESL teachers. If…

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Top 5 Tips for Writing an Ebook

writing an ebook

I talked extensively about the process I went through when writing my first Ebook, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams; check out all those posts here if you’re interested: How to Write an Ebook. Even though my second book is almost finished editing and should be up on Amazon within a few days, I haven’t talked that much about it here. The reason is that…

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