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The Perfect Blog Post

The Win-Win-Win Cycle of Awesome I’ve become a little bit obsessed lately with content marketing. It’s kind of a win-win-win cycle of awesome for everybody. People search for something, they find your site and get the answer they’re looking for, Google send more traffic your way, you give people more useful information and so it continues. Long Tail Keywords: The New Plan I’ve gotten deep into the world of using keyword research tools and then…

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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

I was just listening to the Empire Flippers Podcast, episode #87 where they are talking with Dave Hermansen about building Niche Websites and the importance of understanding SEO. This is a topic that I truly know very little about, but which I know is of extreme importance if I want to eventually make my living online. Along with becoming proficient at WordPress and learning a programming language or two, this is my big goal for…

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