Dealing with Negative Criticism from the Netizens

  A Controversial Blog Post A few days ago, I wrote a blog entry over on My Life! Teaching in a Korean University called, Korean University Jobs: The Golden Handcuffs. Basically, I said that while university jobs in Korea are quite lucrative, they’re also not a great long-term choice for quite a few reasons. I posted the blog to a few of the English teacher in Korea Facebook groups and the reaction was strong to say…

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3 Key Things to Know about Ebook Marketing

book marketing

I’ve been listening to lots of self-publishing podcasts lately including Self Publishing Questions, Self Publishing Answers and the Self Publishing Round table. I’ve been particularly focusing on marketing, after getting some advice from Pat Flynn on the Ask Pat Podcast where he answered my question about staying in the small niche I’m in or going bigger. His advice was to hit the marketing hard, since my concept is already proved with the 1 or 2…

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Marketing Strategies—>Expanding Empire


Thanks for the Advice Pat Flynn Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income answered my question on his podcast, Ask Pat episode #324 about whether or not I should change niches since the one I’m in is so small with regards to my ebook about getting a university job in South Korea. However, on the plus side, there isn’t much competition so that’s a huge bonus. He was positive on the fact that I had…

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Responding to Negative Criticism

negative criticism

Just as I was thinking about how haters are gonna hate and how to deal with negative YouTube comments over on my playlist about getting a university job in South Korea and also negative reviews on Amazon, I heard this most helpful episode on Ask Pat (episode 325: Should I Respond to Negative Comments?). You really need to just listen to it yourself because Pat Flynn is pretty much the man, but my takeaway was…

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Ask Pat Podcast: I’m on it!


I’m Really Into Pat Flynn So, I’m just going to nerd out for a quick minute here and I hope you don’t mind. I’m really into Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income and that’s probably kind of an understatement. I think he’s a genius in the Internet marketing world and also just an all-around nice guy who really wants to help people. I’m on Ask Pat! He started up this new podcast called Ask…

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Drinking Less- Building My Empire More

drinking alcohol

Disturbing Happenings in My Life Money Diet March opened up my eyes to just how much money I spend on drinking and eating out. It was kind of staggering, and drinking and hanging out in expat bars a lot is really not how I want to live my life. Sure, it’s fun to see all your friends and talk and get loud and happy, but waking up the next morning with a hangover, $50 lighter…

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All-In Digital Entrepreneur when I Go Back to Canada: Crazy?


Canada: What to Do I’ve talked about moving to Canada in previous blog posts, and it’s now less than a year away (March 2016). I’ve started preparing in numerous ways such as gathering information about how to get the cats and my stuff back to Canada and also giving away/selling lots of my stuff that I wasn’t really using that much. How Can I Make Money in the Great White North? But, the really big…

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Setting up an Email List with MailChimp

mail chimp

What Was I thinking? All the gurus out there in the Internet marketing world such as Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income talk endlessly about email lists and how, even though email is kind of going out of style in favor of other forms of social media, it’s still huge. I think it’s maybe because it’s something that gets delivered directly to your audience instead of them going out to find the content and…

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Multiple Domains One Host

Ask Pat Podcast Anyone who is trying to build passive income streams I’m sure has heard of Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income. Not only does he have extremely helpful information, but he seems like one of the nicest guys around. I was listening to his podcast Ask Pat, episode #259 while I was out hiking yesterday and I came across a piece of information that was ground-breaking for me. Maybe most people knew…

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Writing Kindle Books…a thought

While I was out hiking today, I was listening to the Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn, episode #124, where he interviews Steve Scott, who is making a lot of money by writing Ebooks. It kind of inspired me and got me thinking about what is a topic that people want to know a lot about, but that there just isn’t much information, but which I’m an expert. I have an idea that I…

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A Podcast I Love: Smart Passive Income-Pat Flynn

One of the podcasts that I listen to for inspiration and practical tips related to passive income is, “The Smart Passive Income” podcast by Pat Flynn. Pat is an upbeat kind of guy and extremely savvy about the Internet business world. I’ve already learned a lot from him including the importance of podcasting (I’d like to start my own!), and why you can’t do everything by yourself (I’d like eventually get big enough to hire…

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