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The Empire Grows…a New ESL Speaking Book

In less than a year, I plan to return to Canada and try to make a living off of my online ventures. With that in mind, I’ve stopped wasting my time with less than useful things and have become really focused on expanding my Internet empire so that it won’t be such a big leap to start doing it full-time. A small, but growing way that I’m making money online is through self-published books. I…

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Research First Ask Second


Publishing Profits Podcast: Research First, Ask Second Today I was listening to the Publishing Profits Podcast Episode #54 with Betsy Talbot from Married with Luggage and they were talking about ridiculous people who ask them questions like this: “How do I write an Ebook?” “How can I leave everything and travel the world?” The host of the podcast has written entire books on how to write Ebooks so how could he possibly answer that question…

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Responding to Negative Criticism

negative criticism

Just as I was thinking about how haters are gonna hate and how to deal with negative YouTube comments over on my playlist about getting a university job in South Korea and also negative reviews on Amazon, I heard this most helpful episode on Ask Pat (episode 325: Should I Respond to Negative Comments?). You really need to just listen to it yourself because Pat Flynn is pretty much the man, but my takeaway was…

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Reviews of “How To Get a University Job in South Korea”

Check out what others are saying about my first Ebook, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams in the reviews on Amazon. You could go straight to Amazon and read them there, or check out this page on my new website, Sales of this book are still going strong into the third month, averaging around 1 sale/day. My goal was to consistently earn around $20-30…

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Ebook Marketing

Marketing for my recent publication, How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams is now mostly complete and I’ve focused on three things: 1. My existing Facebook networks, focusing mostly on groups where people who are looking for university jobs in Korea frequent. 2. My Hubpages that are related to Teaching English and/or South Korea. I added an Amazon module to each of these pages (about 40…

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Passive Income Report October 2014

October 2014 wasn’t a great month for me in terms of passive income with a total of $253.44. Check out my October 2014 passive income report. Iherb and Amazon were pretty disappointing partly due to Iherb not offering any free shipping to South Korea and traditionally dividends are not plentiful in November. Compared to previous Years: 2013: $268 2012: $296 2011: $352 2010: $28 Onwards and upwards! My Ebook should be coming out in the…

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