How to Start an Online Business: A Beginner’s Guide

Ready to Start an Online Business? Maybe you’ve been reading this blog for a while, feel inspired and think that you want to begin building some passive income streams by starting an online business. If I were with you in person, I’d most certainly give you a high-five and be super-excited about the big step you’re going to be taking towards securing your financial future. In reality, the biggest hurdle to overcome is just getting…

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Do it Now! Update Your Public Profiles

I Was Shocked to Discover…Outdated Public Profiles! In my recent effort to focus more on quality over quantity in my Internet ventures, one of the things I did was to spend a few hours and update all my public profiles to have some sort of cohesive message. In some cases, like on Blogger and HubPages, I had stuff from years ago that didn’t really make sense anymore. Even more disturbing was the fact that both…

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Why I’m using WordPress for this blog (and not Blogger)


I’ve been a faithful Blogger user for years and have had this very popular blog on that platform since 2008. My Life: Teaching in a Korean University. So, it goes without saying that I definitely know the ins and outs of blogger and that I generally like it.  It’s extremely easy to add Amazon and other affiliate links (with the widgets: add HTML option), and of course, they support Google Adsense (Blogger is owned by…

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