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The Canadian Financial Industry

Last week, I met a guy who had been working for quite a few years in the Canadian financial industry, but had had enough of it. He quit, gave up a lucrative job and moved to Korea to teach English.

Give me the Information!

I naturally pumped him for all the information I could get, since it’s one of the options I’m considering for my move back to Canada (although by far the strongest possibility at this point is going all-in on the digital entrepreneur, for better or worse).

Confirmed Suspicions

Talking with him basically confirmed my suspicion that working in this industry would make me die a slow death on the inside, so that eventually I would end up old, bitter and angry, hating my life as he said many of his coworkers did.

The difference for this guy was that he didn’t have a family and tons of debt so he was able to get out. He told me that maybe 5-10% of the people in the industry had personalities that were well-suited for it but the rest of them, not so much and they were for the most part pretty negative people to be around.

Passing the Buck

Perhaps the thing that most convinced me that this was not a good idea was that even though the companies in the industry talked about “teamwork,” everyone was totally out for themselves and it was all about pushing the blame further down the ladder to the guy at the bottom. I’d be that guy at the bottom and I don’t really think I’d be able to not explode after this happened 5 or 10 or 15 times. Getting blamed for stuff when I’m a reasonably conscientious person would make me so angry.

Thank you Universe

Anyway, it was a fortuitous meeting (thank you universe) and I came away with some great information about what not to do with my life. Back to writing more books!

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