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The Power of Positive Thinking

The other day in my book club, someone mentioned the book, “The Secret.” While I haven’t read it, the basic idea seems to be about the power of positive thinking. The impression they gave was that that book took it way too far and just repeated the same couple ideas over and over again, but it got me thinking about the role of positive thinking in my own life. Generally, I think I’m a positive person and can usually see the good things in a situation more often than not. I’m trying to be even more positive than I am now for the following reason:

Nobody likes a complainer, except another complainer. And someone who never has a positive thing to say about anyone or anything are some of the most miserable people I know and usually have a very small network of people around them.

And I really am convinced that good things (money/ jobs/ relationships /luck/ opportunities) come to those who think positively because people are attracted to them and want to form relationships with them. And then if that person ever needs help or advice or a job opportunity, that network of people they have formed around them will usually pull through for them. Job found! Loneliness solved! Cats looked after! Movers found!

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