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How to thrive in South Korea- The Empire Grows

It’s all Coming Together!

Another book is up on Amazon, bringing the total to 4. One more is in the editing stages and I have lots of ideas, but this summer is going to be all about getting my websites up to speed and focusing on promoting the content that I already have, instead of creating more stuff.

The empire is building, not so slowly at this point and I kind of feel like everything is starting to fall into place. Like book sales are picking up, I’m getting articles into some pretty prominent places, the email list is building at a fast pace, affiliate sales are increasing and website traffic is increasing.

How to Thrive in South Korea

Anyway, the book! How to Thrive in South Korea: 97 Tips from Expats. It’s perfect for those new to Korea, or those about to move here.

Help Me!

This book is my first foray into the world of getting contributions from friends and Internet acquaintances and it was far easier than expected. Like people really wanted to help me out and went out of their way to write these amazing things. And I think it’s actually way more interesting to hear other people’s perspectives besides just my own. More of these type of books to come.

Not so Crazy?

My master-plan is to avoid getting a real job for the rest of my life. With each new piece of the puzzle that gets put into place, I feel like it’s becoming more and more of a reality and not this crazy kind of pipe-dream. All in digital entrepreneur! Fighting, as they say in Korea.

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