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Top 10 Passive Income Ideas

Check out this SlideShare presentation for my Top 10 Passive Income Ideas.

Please comment below and let us know what your favourite passive income earner!


  1. Cloudmining is the easiest way if you are familiar with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.


  2. Great Compilation of passive income sources. I am currently working on a few of them at this time. More specifically Dividend Growth Investing, Real Estate Investing and Website Investing. Though, the biggest thing I like with passive income is you work once at that one thing and reap from it hopefully forever.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Love your quick presentation! I’m into four of these: affiliate marketing, adsesnse, stock investing and house rental. It’s always necessary to have side jobs or other income streams to be able to cope up with expenses and invest for the future. Passive income sources allows us to do actual jobs while at the same time make money work for us.Thank you for the additional suggestions, Jackie!

  4. Awesome presentation indeed. I came across this article and learned a few new ideas to make passive income. I’ve tried as an amazon seller but couldn’t get sales. I assume It needs much more investment and professional help to start getting results. Do you have any idea?

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