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Do it Now! Update Your Public Profiles

public profiles matter

Your Public Profiles Really do Matter

I Was Shocked to Discover…Outdated Public Profiles!

In my recent effort to focus more on quality over quantity in my Internet ventures, one of the things I did was to spend a few hours and update all my public profiles to have some sort of cohesive message.

In some cases, like on Blogger and HubPages, I had stuff from years ago that didn’t really make sense anymore. Even more disturbing was the fact that both of these places had not had insignificant numbers of profile views.

Anyway, onward and upward and I’ve learned that I really shouldn’t have underestimated the opportunity of these things to promote my brand and help people connect with me via social media. People want to connect with a person, not an obviously outdated profile of some kind.

It’s also helpful to have updated profiles when making comments on other people’s blogs because people really do click on them to see who they’re talking to.

Public Profiles Updated:
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