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Wal-Mart….what has happened to me?

After living in South Korea, land of way overpriced consumer products and no big “everything under 1 roof” stores for almost 10 years, Wal-Mart in Canada seems like it would be a dream. Cheap, huge selection and everything you could possibly want. Except I went yesterday to pick up a few hard-to-find things in South Korea and came away with very little and I spent considerably less than I had budgeted for my “Wal-Mart in Canada” trip and I will definitely not fill up the extra suitcase I had brought for that purpose.

What has happened to me? Has living abroad just made me happy to live without stuff that most people would consider kind of necessary? Has not having a TV and consuming essentially no media of any kind in Korea made me not be influenced by advertising? Or, maybe I’m just naturally pretty minimalistic and am happy with only a few big things that make me feel happy (a bicycle, paddleboard, a junky old car and 2 kitties).

Anyway, I’ve decided that I will most likely move to Canada when my current contract is done in just over a year and I definitely plan to continue my minimal, anti-consumerism ways. I think a tiny house of 200-400 square feet would definitely be my style. Anyone have any leads for somewhere in Victoria or Vancouver where I could park it, long (ish)-term? I’m very serious about it….ideally a backyard of some sort, where I could pay rent each month for your space.

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