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Website Development with WordPress

On the encouragement of a friend of mine, I’ve just bought my own name ( and plan to develop this website, with the goal to make it my “mother-site” that connects all my other Internet ventures in a coherent kind of way (Hubpages, Ebooks, teaching blog, and Hubpages. I’ve gone with the GoDaddy for the hosting and domain name and then for the platform, basically forcing myself out of the drag and drop platforms, which anyone can do and that I’ve previously been using (of which Blogger and HubPages are the best examples).

Why do this to myself, you might ask. Even though I find myself taking 5 deep breaths to calm myself every few minutes or so before Googling what I need to find on tech forums, I’m doing it because I want to challenge myself and develop some serious web development skills for the future, which will pretty much ALWAYS come in handy, no matter what my future looks like. Yesterday: domain names and hosting services. Today: templates and drop-down menus. Tomorrow: who knows, but I’m sure I’ll learn something.

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