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What’s in my Portfolio: Industrials

I have a few holdings that fall under the category of “industrials” and I love them because they just seem to plug along, making me money off dividends, increasing their earnings and causing me no stress or worry. Exactly the kind of companies I want in my portfolio.

1. Boeing Airlines(BA): 2.7% of my portfolio. Although they’ve had some problems in the past few years with their new airplane catching on fire, etc, they’re still the leading airplane manufacturer in the world. Something I particularly like is that they have a steady stream of orders for months and years ahead of time. The world is only getting more and more globalized which will likely mean this company will prosper for the foreseeable future. And of course, they have a long history of increasing dividends.

2. Lockheed Martin (LMT): 2.1% of my portfolio. I am a bit ambivalent on this company and will definitely not be adding to the position. Although they are extremely profitable and well-run as well have a history of increasing dividends, I wonder about the ethics of owning a weapons manufacturer and their role in the whole military-industrial complex. The other issue is that should the USA ever reduce the size of their military and/or cut spending, this company would take a direct hit.

3.3M (MMM): 1.8 % of my portfolio. I love this company and will definitely be adding to my position on any dips. They manufacture a huge range of industrial and consumer products for worldwide use. They pay increasing dividends each year and this company is the ideal backbone for any solid dividend stock investing portfolio.

4. National Presto Industries (NPK): 1% of my portfolio. The only small cap that I own, I like this company because of the high special dividend that they pay once/year and high insider ownership. In addition, they have no debt and a stock-pile of cash so they’re well able to weather any storm. They manufacture almost entirely unrelated things: adult diapers/ small home appliances/ bullets for the US military as well as a few others things. Just check out Amazon for their huge variety of products

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