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What’s in my portfolio: Tech

I’ve talked previously about my pharmaceutical holdings as well as the oil & gas companies that I hold.  You can also check out my complete portfolio, but today I’m going to talk tech.

AAPL (Apple): 5% of my portfolio.  Check out the Dividend Monk’s AAPL report.

INTC (Intel): 2.5% of my portfolio.  Check out the Dividend Monk’s INTC report.

Tech companies are generally thought to be the high-flyers, which means that they often warrant a higher P/E ratio than other industries and they usually don’t pay dividends because they’re using all their earnings to reinvest in the business.  Warren Buffet is famous for hating the tech companies, and who am I to contradict the king,  however, Intel and Apple are both mature, stable companies, who still have good growth prospects (especially Apple) and they most definitely have a place in a balanced dividend stock portfolio.  Intel pays around a 3% dividend and Apple’s is 2.3%.  They both also repurchase shares, which is helpful for driving up the stock price, because there are fewer shares for the earnings to be divided among.



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