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When things break…go big or go small?

I’ve had my blender for about 8 years and I use it almost everyday because I eat green smoothies for breakfast 9 days out of 10. I bought it third-hand off an expat who was leaving for $10. I’d say it was quite a good value and my cost per use is less than a penny! Unfortunately, it broke yesterday and I need to buy a new one. But, what to do?

It’s common knowledge that a Vitamix is by far the best blender than money can buy, but they’re over $1000 here in Korea, which is most definitely more than I’m willing to spend. I could wait until I go home to Canada at Christmas and buy it then, but it’s still around $500 and I’m not sure I want to not eat smoothies or hummus or refried beans for the next 3 months. And imagine how many times I’d need to use it before the cost/use became reasonable? Literally years.

So, a cheaper option it is. But, how cheap? I’m just not sure that a mid-range one would be better than any of the cheaper ones. After all, I don’t really go gourmet with it and make anything that needs more than just basic blending. But, I also don’t want a piece of junk. I basically just wish my old blender didn’t break!

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