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Where my Traffic Comes From

I’m totally convinced that the way to make money online and drive traffic to your sites is by having an empire of sorts. Like I mentioned a few days ago, simply having a single Ebook on Amazon but without any social media or blog following of any kind will make it pretty hard to be successful and make a lot of sales.

I was just recently looking at the referral stats for this blog and my other main one, “My Life! Teaching in a Korean University” and the basic results were as follows:

Freedom Through Passive Income (past 30 days)
Facebook: 197
Search Engine: 75
ESL Teacher in Korea: 27
Twitter: 15
Google Plus: 9

My Life! Teaching in a Korean University (past 30 days)
Hubpages: 431
Google: 276
Facebook: 145

Google is very important for driving traffic to my blogs and a sure-fire way to get high rankings is to make sure your site has lots of backlinks to it. Ideally, other people like what you’re writing and do this for you but you can also do it yourself by using something like Hubpages, which clearly is driving plenty of traffic to my teaching blog.

Social media also plays a key role for me in promoting by blogs, particularly this one. Without Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, I’d be getting significantly less traffic.

It’s still up for debate in my head though. Should I focus my time on making my blogs as high of quality as possible? Or, focus my efforts on creating an empire of sorts through a huge social media presence and by using something like Hubpages.

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