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Why Getting Ahead Seems so Hard These Days

Many people find that it’s extremely difficult to get ahead these days. Such wasn’t the case 20 years ago. People used to be able to live quite comfortably with one “good job” and have a balanced lifestyle with their families. Today, life is hard, and there are some legitimate reasons for that. If you’re wondering why it’s so hard to get ahead these days, these are a few scattered reasons that life is like that:


One of the main things that create difficulty for people to get ahead is inflation. The prices of various goods keep going up, but the value of the dollar keeps declining. That makes it immensely challenging for hardworking men and women to get ahead in the world. The future looks grim for inflation, so people will struggle harder later.

Unmoving Wages

The lack of wage increases is one of the biggest culprits in the nationwide fight to survive. Most people who learn what is a personal installment loan for making ends meet do so because their income is not enough to cover the cost of living in their town or city. The wages remain stagnant even though the cost of living and various other expenses continue to rise. Some companies have been outright decreasing their wages. The same pay rate can’t do what it used to do five years ago.

Cost-of-Living Increases

The cost of living grows every year as apartment complexes and housing developments demand heftier payments for rent and ownership. That causes people to have less money available to navigate life. The more money they have to spend on housing, the less money they have for things like groceries, clothing and the like. Many people are starting to move in with family members and rent out rooms through sites such as Airbnb. They find that two heads are much better than one when it comes to living a relaxed existence.

Changes in Business Structure

Businesses seem to have new models that put a strain on consumers as well. For

example, a lot of businesses only offer their services annually and no longer give people a monthly option. Some auto insurance companies charge people extra if they do not pay their entire premiums upfront as well. Health insurance options have higher premiums and deductibles. The deductibles are so high sometimes that the policyholders can never meet them. Entertainment industries like bowling alleys have changed their payment structures to a “by the hour” fee scale instead of a “per game” scale. The new structure forces people to pay four times what they would have paid for one game. Fitness centers now require “activation fees” and automatic credit card payments when people sign up. Many businesses are exercising such practices, and they are making it harder for people to survive or have fun if they do survive.

Lack of Full-Time Employment Opportunities

Getting a full-time job used to be an easy task. Nowadays, employers don’t want to give employees full-time opportunities. They would rather hire several part-timers instead of one full-time person. Part-time people rarely receive the benefits and incentives they need and would like to have. The lack of a full-time job prevents people from getting ahead because they don’t quite make enough money to pay their bills, and they have a difficult time working a second job because of scheduling issues. The retail industry is the most challenging one for full-time positions. Employers in the field like to withhold them as much as possible.

Those are things that make it hard to thrive in the world in this current day and age. Citizens can try to combat those issues by saving more money, exercising frugal purchasing practices and working side jobs.

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