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Why I don’t have a TV

Part of not having a TV has to do with living in Korea. It’s just kind of a hassle to get it all set-up with cable, etc. and it just seems not even worth it because there aren’t that many channels I’d actually watch. And even when I’m in Canada or the USA, there really isn’t that much I like to watch. So, it’s not really a big deal. But, I love not having a TV for the following reasons:

1. Cable TV is ridiculously expensive!

2. It sucks down ridiculous amounts of time. Like, I’d much rather spend that time exercising or studying or blogging or doing OT work, or just about anything actually.

3. It warps your brain. Like I seriously think too much TV watching slows down people into zombie like states, unable to think or converse or do a lot of anything really.

4. The advertisements. They suck me in. Like I actually want to go out and buy stuff after watching TV, even though in real-life I quite rarely spend money.

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