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Why I’m using WordPress for this blog (and not Blogger)

I’ve been a faithful Blogger user for years and have had this very popular blog on that platform since 2008. My Life: Teaching in a Korean University. So, it goes without saying that I definitely know the ins and outs of blogger and that I generally like it.  It’s extremely easy to add Amazon and other affiliate links (with the widgets: add HTML option), and of course, they support Google Adsense (Blogger is owned by Google).

So, why did I decide to use WordPress for this blog?  Essentially, because I wanted another skill that I could use at some point, possibly in the future.  It seems like the WordPress platform is by far the more popular option for companies and other organizations who do the website thing, but don’t necessarily hire a computer programmer to start from scratch.  So who knows how or when I’ll use this knowledge, but it’s for sure not a bad thing to add the resume.  My next step is actually to learn more about designing websites by learning a popular programming language or two.  There are so many online courses out there.

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