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Writing an Ebook, #3!


ESL Speaking Games and Activities

Amazon Affiliate

One way that I make passive income is through the Amazon affiliate program, where I link to products that I think my readers might like and if they buy something after clicking that link, I get a commission of around 5-8%. It’s a pretty simple thing to do and I earn $10-30/month on this for essentially very little work.

Speaking Activities that Don’t Suck

The one single product that I sell the most of it is this book, Speaking Activities That Don’t Suck, mostly through links I have on my blog, My Life! Teaching in a Korean University and my site, ESL Speaking. While it is a decent book, it is extremely crude and filled with profanity, so it’s probably pretty off-putting to a lot of people. But, it sells. And, I think I can do it better.

My Master Plan: Speaking Activities, but Better!

So, I’ve been working on another book about Low-Prep/ No-Prep ESL Speaking Games and Activities and I hope to appeal to teachers who just want the goods, something they can pull out in the few minutes before a class to find something fun and interesting for their students, minus all the crudeness. I’m super-inspired by the success of my first two ebooks, which have both been selling consistently at a rate of about 1/day for the past few months so I’m totally convinced that writing an ebook is worth the effort to make more.

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