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Year-End Stock Portfolio Report

I was just looking at my stock portfolio report for the past year and the value of it has gone up by 7.76% in this past year and 27.76% since I moved my account to Interactive Brokers in March of 2013, making me essentially thousands of dollars. Impressive. But, it’s very similar to what the S&P 500 has returned, so I can’t actually take too much credit for it. And, of course I am under no illusion that this is actually realized profit, since I still hold the positions and haven’t actually locked in any profits by selling anything substantial.

Nevertheless, what I am happy about is this: $3721 in dividends paid for 2014. That’s money in the bank and $3721 that I earned for doing essentially no work besides a bit of research about what stocks to buy. Plans for 2015? Stay the course and continue to collect dividends, although I will not be adding more money to my account because I’ll need to stockpile cash for my upcoming return to Canada. If the market crashes, I will however use $10 000- $20 000 (the bigger the crash, the more buying) of leverage to add to a few of my existing positions.

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